WordPress Web Hosting in Montreal

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WordPress Web Hosting in Montreal


If you provide a workspace for your employees that’s designed to meet their specific needs, they’ll likely produce better work and create more value for your business. The same goes for your web host and website. When you’re finished designing a website or an online store, the next step is to find a web hosting service.

When you choose our website hosting services for WordPress, you’re opting for a secure, high-performance web hosting company you can trust. Webonet won’t just dump your website onto any old server: we will provide an optimized environment that boosts its performance and improves its loading capabilities for a flawless user experience.

What exactly is a web hosting service?

If your website was a house, its website hosting service would be the lot upon which it was built. Put simply, web hosting provides a virtual storage space for your website on a server of your choice. It’s what makes your site accessible to the public online.

What’s included in Webonet’s web hosting plans?

To provide you with total peace of mind when it comes to using and backing up your website, our WordPress hosting company offers the following:

  • Unlimited disk space to store your files and data
  • Unlimited download capacity – no traffic caps
  • Open access to our data management system for maximum autonomy

Why choose us to host your website?

We understand that managing your web hosting shouldn’t take up precious time and energy that could otherwise be spent on growing your business. You probably have a thousand other things to worry about, so allow us to take this one off your list! Our WordPress website hosting company offers a transparent, high-performance solution that encourages our clients to operate independently. Here’s what we have to offer:


If you use WordPress to manage your website like more than one third of the entire internet, you’re better off choosing a dedicated hosting company that specializes in WordPress. There’s no better way to make sure your website will run smoothly. We host all of our WordPress sites on servers built specifically for this platform, so you won’t have to worry about whether your website is compatible with its server. Since we only use dedicated servers for WP, our website hosting services can generate a Google Pagespeed score of at least 80 on any given device.


Your server’s location can have a direct impact on your website’s SEO performances. When a consumer searches for your products or services on Google, they are more likely to be shown local search results. The location of your server tells Google where people can find your products or services, so it’s important to choose one that is close to you (example: web hosting Montreal).


These days, search engines and browsers are punishing and flagging unsecured websites more frequently. In turn, users have become more sensitive, and tend to avoid sites that are marked as “unsecured.”

Our web hosting service automatically includes a SSL certificate, which tells Google that your site is legitimate and keeps it secure. When you choose Webonet to host your WordPress site, you will automatically get an SSL certificate, and therefore an “https” URL marked “secure” that will safely encrypt all user data. Combined with regular WordPress website maintenance services, this solution will ensure your website remains secure over time, even as technology continues to evolve.


A control panel (CPanel) is a hosting account management tool that allows you to control the general parameters of your website’s technical configuration. Our web hosting solution gives you complete access to your Cpanel dashboard: that means you will never have to depend on our agency if you want to make any technical changes, and you will be able to fully control and supervise your web hosting activities on your own.

Our price for hosting a WordPress website

40$ / MONTH
Server space
Unlimited disk space
Unlimited MYSQL database
Unlimited bandwith and traffic
SSL certificate (https)
Anti-DDoS protection
Anti-malware protection
Storage in a certified data center in Canada
CPanel control panel
Email management

Frequently Asked Questions

Héberger son site web, c’est le déposer sur un serveur web pour qu’il puisse être disponible sur Internet. C’est une étape nécessaire à la mise en ligne du site internet.
En choisissant un hébergement WordPress, vous offrez à votre site WordPress une gestion adaptée à ses besoins. La maintenance de votre site web WordPress sera facilitée par son hébergement spécialisé.
Héberger un site web WordPress chez Webonet vous coûtera 40$ par mois. Vous pouvez consulter le détail de notre tarif d’hébergement web pour plus d’information. Nous offrons aussi 3 tarifs de maintenance web.
Oui, nous voulons vous offrir le plus de flexibilité possible. Vous pouvez mettre fin à votre abonnement mensuel quand vous le souhaitez. Il suffit juste de nous le faire savoir.
Absolument. Nous pouvons héberger n’importe quel site tant qu’il est conçu sur WordPress.
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